About Us

About us

The Commitment With Our Clients:

Today, companies are looking at Information Technology, Networks and Telecommunications, the answer to their search for a competitive advantage, the search for operational excellence and compliance with new federal and international regulations.
At CONESTRA IT, we are aware of this, so we bring to IT the most complete portfolio of business, industry and government solutions on the market, supported by the latest in information technology and telecommunications.

Conestra-IT Philosophy

"We believe that the success of any project is based on the correct implementation and monitoring of IT Processes, People and Tools."
"And that the main success factor of IT tools is that they are Based on a Collaboration Platform, Cloud, Social Networks and BI Analytics or BigData"

Our Mision

Communicate the world and protect your information.

Our Vision

"To be recognized nationally as the company that knew how to understand the IT requirements and business needs of our clients and with this lead them to fulfill their goals, thus having the market preference for information and telecommunications technologies throughout Mexico & U.S.

 Our Values:

"Preferring always do the right thing, how easy, always based on:

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Puntuality
  • And Justice "

    Our Objetives

    Increase year after year our capacities and abilities to meet the proposed goals of our clients and the information technology market.

    Value Offer:

    At Conestra IT, we really understand the needs of our clients and also, we know the needs of their own clients, in terms of growth, regulatory compliance, and the search for a competitive advantage; For this, we provide the most complete range of information technology and telecommunications services, in an economic, flexible, fast and simple way. Thanks to this, we allow them to be more productive without having to have large budgets and expert engineers, thus achieving that they have the preference of their clients. Being truly a single face and a single solution.

    Competitive Advantage:

    We offer the best value for the best price. We have the best people, with the best skills and experience; accompanied with the right tools and the right processes to satisfy our clients in a fast and efficient way.